Home is where your heart is…

I would like to began this post by saying this one was a MAJOR FAIL. I had been looking forward to this project for a while, and I thought that it would be the perfect gift for my New York born mother. I know how much she loves the northeast and can’t wait to get out of Kansas, so I scoured the internet for the perfect gift only to find that it costs money that I do not have. So, without further or do this is what I was aspiring to:



Simple, unique, beautiful. I feel in love right away, and as soon as I saw it I had an “I can do that” moment.

I have pinpointed the exact moment where this DIY project went wrong. It was in the nails… As you can tell from the original project the nails are simple and not the thing that draws your eye. The beauty is in the thread. That, friends, was my problem, the nails…



As I began to describe this project to my father he said he had “just the thing” these nails. He is very handy and was very proud of himself when he found the right length nail. Unfortunately, I did not realize the problem with them until I was finished. So, when you do this project I have one major tip USE NAILS WITH SMALL HEADS. If you use nails like mine you’re elegant artwork becomes clunky, and rough.

I used a piece of wood this size:


I painted it white with acrylic paint. Lazy me, should have used multiple coats.

I printed off the template of my choice, located Albany, New York, and cut out a heart.


Then, I began the labor some, loud, and time consuming section of this project. The nailing:


Next, I tied a piece of thread multiple times around the nail I would start with. As I began I was going for the straight look (like in the picture of Ohio) but decided to do a more scattered look.

I randomly weaved the thread making sure it was all directed to the heart.


I then, took a leap, for I was already displeased with the project I figured why not write on it. So I wrote, “You can take a girl out of New York, but you can’t take the New York out of the girl.”

I still believe that this project would be great, elegant, unique, and simple if executed correctly. So I say to you, learn from my mistakes…


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